Getting Runtastic data into Strava

Most of my friends recently started using Strava, and after years and years of Runtastic trying to sell me their premium subscription for 60 euros per year, I’ve finally decided to join them.

Having used Runtastic on and off for more than 8 years - some time with and some time without their premium subscription - a lot of running and other sports records have accumulated on my account. So, naturally I searched for a way to get my existing data from Runtastic into Strava, and the results of my first googling-session were demotivating: Aside from a youtube video using the old Runtastic Web-UI (RIP) and an official Strava Support post proposing that it can’t be done.

Luckily, according to the GDPR, Runtastic has to (and does) provide a way to export their collected data about a user, which already comes in the same gpx format that can be uploaded to Strava. Getting your data from Runtastic into Strava is therefore not only possible, but can also be done by just following a few simple steps.

  1. head over to the Runtastic Website.
  2. Login and open your account settings on the upper right corner. junit architecture
  3. Click on Export Data on your Accont Settings page.
  4. You’ll get an email with a download link to your data in the next days.
  5. Download your data dump and extract that zip file somewhere.
  6. The unzipped folder should look something like this:

    ├── Challenges
    │   ├── Competition_challenge
    │   └── Status
    ├── Daily-sessions
    ├── Daily-step-sessions
    │   ├── Active-time
    │   ├── Calories
    │   ├── Distance
    │   └── Steps
    ├── Friendships
    │   ├── Accepted
    │   ├── Denied
    │   └── Pending
    ├── Goals
    │   └── Distance
    ├── Photos
    │   └── Images-meta-data
    │       └── Sport-session-albums
    ├── Privacy-settings
    │   └── Marketing-consent
    ├── Purchases
    │   ├── Subscription-History
    │   └── Subscriptions
    ├── Sleep-sessions
    │   └── Sleep-session-data
    ├── Sport-sessions
    │   ├── Elevation-data
    │   └── GPS-data
    ├── Timezone-changed
    ├── Training-plans
    │   ├── Assessments
    │   └── Weeks
    ├── User
    │   ├── Avatars
    │   └── Shoes
    ├── User-Connections
    │   └── Adidas
    └── Weight
  7. Here, Sport Sessions/GPS-data already contains exactly what you want - the GPS traces of all tracked sport sessions.
  8. Now you can just head over to the Strava Activity Upload and upload each of your activity files.
  9. Last but not least, you’ll have to go over your uploaded activities manually and check if Strava recognizes the activity type correctly and correct what it got wrong.